Asha World Designs was founded in the early 80’s as a means to fund British traveler Sarajane Mace’s global adventures. Formerly known as Asha Trading, the business originally focused on the buying and selling of jewelry, textiles and art which Sara sourced throughout India, Nepal and Southeast Asia.

After many years of travels and long sojourns in both Australia and America she decided to indulge her loves of textile design, ancient traditions and hand woven fabrics and combined them to produce the ASHA clothing line. Based in Breckenridge she became well known on the Colorado market and festival circuit and during this time also introduced ASHA WORLD DESIGNS to St.Croix.

The ASHA brand consists of clothing, jewelry, accessories and uncommon finds. It takes it’s name from the hindi word for HOPE, which is a continuation of Sara’s unwavering love for India. Wherever possible we use hand printed, hand loomed natural fabrics and globally sourced fabulous prints. Our collection is hand made with pride in India and Bali, with smaller runs in Thailand and South Africa.

Sara has been working with the same families for many years and maintains a strong connection with the factories, visiting often to check on production. That being said we are always on the hunt for new ideas and artisans to add to the ASHA flavor. Sara loves to collaborate with the designers she meets on the road and finds the cross pollination of ideas exhilarating. We are a small company and in order to maintain quality we work with small runs, splitting the production between wholesale and retail. We endeavor to trade and source fairly and sustainably, working mainly with small production houses and cottage industries.

Sara’s wanderlust has not wained, fueled by curiosity and a restless spirit she still travels extensively as her business evolves around her.